Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to Grandpa!

Kayli's grandpa just turned 81, and we decided to bring the party to the rehab facility where he's still recovering from a recent big surgery! After all, maybe a little "celebrating" would help perk him up a bit. He seemed to be pleased with the party, and hung in there for a good couple of hours!

then, we brought Dad/Grandpa back to his room, cleaned up the party room, and moved the party to another location for the night!
It was quite a bit cooler than one would expect for the end of May, so Matt got started on lighting the chiminea...
while Kevin gave a quick "yard tour" to Uncle Loyola, Aunt Pat., and Aunt Veronica...
and Kayli decided she just couldn't resist the pool!
then, on second thought, decided that the hot tub was a better option with cousin Jake!
Karen passed out "snugglies" (blankets that you wear like an apron) for the rest of us to keep warm with. I got the wild leopard print!
a fun time was had by all!

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