Saturday, October 29, 2011


I bought a new fridge that was being delivered today, Saturday. They called ahead to give me time to empty the old fridge. I put all the food in coolers, and dismantled the shelves, and moved all the kitchen furniture around to clear a path. They came in, asked me where the water shut-off valve was...well, in the basement, of course. We went downstairs and looked and looked and looked and looked some more! They apparently have never been in a house that didn't have the water shut-off in a very obvious, out in plain sight, kind of place. I wanted to say, well, if there is "a typical", then, you can count me out! I never seem to fall into the "typical category" All someone has to say to me is "Well, usually..." and I immediately think "Oh, great!" "I NEVER seem to fall in the 'usually' category!" This is Sooo PAR for the course! Eventually the guys said they could leave the new fridge in the garage and I would have to call them back when I found the shut-off valve, so they could come back and disconnect the fridge in the kitchen to move it and make room for the new one. Oh, yeah, now that I've wasted an entire morning on this...grrr, I spent the next hour rummaging through old paperwork from the sale of this house to find the phone number of the previous owners. Finally, I located the raggedy edged 2x3 piece of paper that had the number written on it. I called. We chatted. The previous owners, during their remodeling project of the basement, had built a "fake cabinet" to "hide" the water shut-off valves! Apparently this wasn't noticed or noted during my buyers inspection. Ok, so now it's about 2:00 p.m., and I'm looking outside and noticing what a beautiful day it is...double I keep letting the dog in and out. I kept thinking that I just CAN'T waste this beautiful weather day! I had made a list of Halloween related activities going on this weekend, and the Boo at the Zoo was one of them. After talking to Nebr Furn Mart one more time, and setting up another "hostage appointment" for tomorrow, I decided that, dangit, I am going to the zoo, come hell or high water!  I told Kayli she had 60 seconds to put on her costume! I grabbed the nearest backpack and threw in my wallet, the inhaler, a cell phone, and my camera. I did not even take the usual time to pack snacks, drinks, etc. etc. On the way out, I told Kayli to put Sprinkles in her kennel.(And apparently she thought she did...oh yeah nothing like a puppy on the loose in the house for a couple of hours!)  Luckily, we were blissfully ignorant about the loose puppy while we were at the zoo!The combination of great weather paired with the antics of the zoo animals, got me on my way to de-stressing! We hung out there for a couple of hours before heading back home to discover that Sprinkles had been running amuck through the house, and...well, like I said before, par for the course. I sure hope my luck turns around soon!
Here are some of the fun photos from today...
Ohhhh, we Really need to rub that Buddha Belly for luck!!!
All in all, it was great to get out!

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