Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! could we resist this bejeweled costume @ 50% off?!!! Kayli is already planning how she can change the leggings to tights, call it a fancy dress, and wear it to school! Hmmm...
and Kayli wants to know if we should just stay up later tonight to spend some time eating candy? C'mon, Mom, you can have your pick!
Kayli has a friend on our block who is a couple years older than her, but the two of them have a great time playing together. The girls were thrilled that we/the moms agreed to take them out trick-or-treating together.
They just couldn't contain their squeals of delight, as they ran, hand in hand, from house to house...
Then, the grand finale, for Kayli anyway, was when we got home and had a chance to GIVE out candy for a short while. She was THRILLED to be throwing handfuls of candy into trick-or-treaters' buckets!

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