Sunday, November 13, 2011

Puppy Graduation!

Tonight was our last "puppy class" and an "official puppy graduation!"
There was a "final exam"...walking on a leash...
"Sit," "Look at me," "Down," "Drop-it," "Leave it," and the grand finale was to let the puppies off the leashes, and when they got good and distracted, we were to use our final command "COME!" Oh yeah, Sprinkles came straight to me (of course I was holding some pupperoni in my hand!) I don't think they really want to know how when I tell Kayli to get Sprinkles in from the backyard, I find her chasing Sprinkles from one end of the yard to the other, calling out "you come back here," while she darts and dives, and Sprinkles ducks and runs, narrowly escaping Kayli's grip, over and over, and I'm no help because I am laughing hysterically, like I'm watching a greased pig contest! (I'm a believer in getting the most entertainment value from kids and pets?)  
The instructor congratulated us and handed us Princess Sprinkles' graduation certificate...a proud moment...
then, it was "puppy pile fun" for the two puppy graduates! Too cute. Kayli hovered nearby, just in case Sprinkles needed rescuing. Looks like she's doing just fine...

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