Friday, November 11, 2011

A Sign That Winter is Coming...

Would this be the bare looking trees? Would this be the acorns buried in my flower beds? How about the fact that we've added soup to our dinner menu? How about the fact that Kayli has added tights to her clothing ensemble? All these things are indeed signs that winter is near, but this morning, when Kayli said to me "Mom, it's time to put some mittens in my pockets for recess." I knew. This is it. There is no denying it. "Mittens in pockets" is truly the sign of all signs that "Old Man Winter" is just around the corner...Brrr! 
Sprinkles wants a closer look at those "red things" on Kayli's hands!
What do I love about Winter coming?  Snow Days, Hot Soup, Hot Chocolate, Crackling Fires, Flannel "jammies", Snuggling on the couch with my sweet pea while we watch our favorite Nick Jr characters play in the snow,  Mounds of our own snow to play in, Baking, Holidays, Christmas Movies, and anything and everything to do with the magic that surrounds the Christmas holiday!

What do I hate about Winter coming? Sloppy Slushy Frozen Roads, Being COLD, Having to wear a coat...I hate having to haul a coat with me all the time, as if I don't have enough to carry! Having to put Kayli's seat belt on because she can't maneuver it with all the extra bulk (I feel like I'm belting in a giant marshmallow, as the belt clips disappear into the folds of her coat, and my fingers are freezing, and we're running late for wherever we need to be, and I get cranky, and shouldn't be using the word "stupid" to refer to the seat belt but I choose that over other more tempting words, like every good mom would do! ) Finally, having to shovel my driveway when I'd rather be playing!

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