Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Breakfast or Snow?

Which would you choose, if you were 6?
You would have thought it snowed 3 feet from Kayli's reaction upon looking out the window this morning! She has been dying to get some snow, and even asked Santa Claus to bring her some for Christmas. As Sprinkles peered out the door with that questioning look of "what the heck is that stuff?" this morning, Kayli was more than happy to help "acclimate" her to this winter weather!
COOL, Ice on the Water Table!
Time to go...Don't worry, we heated up some oatmeal bars to eat on the way to school. When I told Kayli to get in the car, she said "What? Don't you think they called off school?" I, of course roared with laughter before explaining the criteria for a true "snow day!" Too funny.

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