Sunday, December 4, 2011


The Christmas season has begun! We've done so many things already and I just haven't had time to post pictures. We started with Santa, just after Thanksgiving, at our favorite winter wonderland...Bass Pro Shop! This place never disappoints us...aside from the fact that Kayli just loves to see the fish in the big tank, and walk across the pretend fishing bridge with real water and real ducks, and loves to ride upstairs in the glass wall elevator, the fact that Santa chooses to make this his "home away from home" every year, is just a super bonus! We love the fact that upon arrival, there are tables set up with stationary and crayons for writing letters to Santa. Right next to the tables is the special magic mailbox that sends these letters straight to the North Pole!
Kayli made sure to write on her list for Santa to bring her mom some jewelry and perfume, gotta love it!
 Then, it's on to see the "Big Jolly Guy" himself...
and Kayli makes sure to ask Santa if he could possibly bring her some snow for Christmas?
He told Kayli he would do the best he could to get some snow here! We then moved on to the "elf table" where Kayli got to make an ornanent...

we made sure to have lunch in the restaurant before leaving, and ordered the famous "kid's dessert" which Kayli graciously shared with her mom!

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