Monday, February 13, 2012

Acting is Exhausting!

So, we have a new movie at our house (Treasure Buddies) and therefore, we have new props, costumes, and lines...the usual immersion! The setting...ancient Egypt, the characters...golden retriever puppies, the coincidental that we just happen to have a "Cleopatra headband" from Halloween. Kayli is playing the role of "B Dog," who leads the pups on a treacherous journey to retrieve the lost collar of Cleocatra! Kayli has even created a necklace for herself by taking one of her small wooden letters, the bright yellow "B," and stringing it on a chain... what a fashionista!
After the millionth viewing of this fabulous new tale, it was Saturday night, and Kayli was begging me to stay up later. Not that she had any particular plan, just that it's exciting to "stay up late!" So, naturally I said "sure" and, well, you guessed it...
 Yep, even Egyptian Princesses need their sleep!

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