Friday, February 24, 2012

WOW! What A Concert!

Kayli and I had a total BLAST at the Fresh Beats Concert tonight! The guy band members, Twist and Shout were their usual funny selves and had Kayli howling with laughter. The group performed all our favorite songs and had Kayli dancing and singing her heart out. At one point, Kayli was up on her chair, dancing and singing, when Kiki (one of the lead girls in the band) reached down and shook Kayli's hand! Ohhh, the look on Kayli's face...priceless! At another point, Twist looked down in the middle of a song and made the "Gasp/WOW" face while pointing at Kayli, who was doing the dance moves like only Kayli does! Kayli was so proud! Our front row seats were sooo worth it!
*I was a little worried about being so close to that speaker, and thinking like a speech pathologist, I immediately tracked down some ear plugs for both of us! Turned out that we really didn't need them as they had the sound under control and it was not blasting out of that speaker like I envisioned...whew!
Before the show started, there was a little boy, maybe about 3 yrs old, near our seat, that kept pointing at Kayli and shouting to his mom "There's Kiki, mom!" The more the mom tried to tell him that she wasn't Kiki, the more he insisted that she was! After all, she WAS dressed like a miniature version of Kiki. Cracked me up!

Let the show, here comes the real Kiki, and Twist...
Directly following this fabulous performance, we were escorted to the VIP party with the cast members, where we had special snacks and drinks waiting for us, musical instruments for the kids to play with, and a Rock Star make-it-take-it table.
The cast members gathered the kids and taught them some dance moves while everyone was waiting for the Fresh Beat Band to arrive...
then, the moment had arrived, the grand finale...the meeting of the Fresh Beats in person! They were so very nice and Kayli was in seventh heaven!
Yep, I'd say Kayli's 1st concert has left a lasting impression for sure!

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