Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day Two @ Galveston Beach (3-13-2012)

Up early, breakfast in the hotel lobbby, saw some interesting "vacationers" showing up for breakfast in barefeet and pjs?!!! Well, if we'd known we didn't really have to dress for breakfast...haha!
Anyway, we wanted to get an early start on our "beach day", so we didn't waste any time getting our gear together and setting off for a nearby public beach. We wanted to try a public beach today so we could get away from the stone slabs we had to sit on at the beach near our hotel. We were so happy with our choice, as we not only had more sand, but a public potty, a snack shop, and a gift shop!
Foggy, hot, muggy...fine with us...
the first day at the beach, I discovered that the elastic threads in my last year's swimsuit had disintegrated, leaving a "thread bare" patch! Good thing I brought a spare suit! The water was warmer today too!
time to start making a sand castle, let's get digging!
as noon approached, the fog began to disappear, we began to see the blue sky, and "magically" buildings began to "appear" that we realy had not seen at all when we first arrived!

Karen helps with the finishing touches...
still keepin' my eye on those sneaky waves!
at the end of our "beach day", with Kayli's souvenir sand castle from the gift shop tucked safely away in the beach bag, we headed to the ferry boat. Thought is would be fun to show Kayli what a ferry boat ride was like. More AWE...
now, we were ready to find a "happy hour" somewhere, and it had to be "casual" so we could "come as we were, sandy, sweaty, beachy!" What would we do without Matt's "smart phone?" He found us a place right along seawall blvd, that fit the bill perfectly...even had a "swim-up-bar"...
What a fun day!

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