Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sort of Like the Zoo...

We were supposed to go to an evening at the zoo with Aunt Marion. but she cancelled on us at the last minute, due to some last minute rescheduling of Nick's baseball game. Unfortunately I didn't get her voicemail (next time please send a text) so Kayli had been talking about it ALL day, (we weren't meeting until 4:00) counting down the hours/minutes, and was soo disappointed! After some frustrating circular discussions, I convinced her that we could still have fun and she could still wear her zebra shirt and we would stick with the animal theme and go to dinner at the Rainforest C*afe. Woohoo, what a plan! We hopped in the car and headed for the restaurant that we discovered had shut down a couple years ago, when the A*merican Girl Store moved in! Sheesh, we just can't seem to win here! All the way to the parking lot, Kayli is trying to engage me in a totally illogical conversation, and I am racking my brain for a plan, and getting more and more frustrated by the minute...and hungry!
Then, suddenly, it popped into my head, as if by magic (angels? my mom?) it's the next "perfect plan!" It's almost as entertaining as our zoo, has more animals per square foot than our zoo, less walking, air conditioned, no entrance fee, no crowd, waterfalls, bridges, bears, campgrounds, scenic elevators, animal footprints to follow, and a restaurant that brought us to the depths of the ocean  where we were surrounded by huge man-eating sharks and swordfish, where I  savored a juicy cheesy patty melt with crispy fries, and Kayli did the same for a big bowl of Mac 'n Cheese, followed by "dirt pudding with gummy worms!"  Anybody know where we are??? Whew! What a save!
 Plan "C" was a WINNER!!!

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