Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Shoe Problems

I'm sitting in my classroom, eating lunch, when Kayli walks in, holding her lunch bag in one hand, and something else behind her back. "Yes? May I help you?" I say to her. "Just look at this shoe." she says "My friends are still laughing." "My teacher told me to come and show you."
Well, would you look at that, the entire rubber sole of this shoe has completely detached, leaving the remaining part resembling a ballet slipper.
So, what do you think I did next? 

I said "Hand me your other shoe." Then, I proceeded to pull the rubber sole off that shoe, and proclaimed to my wide eyed child "Now they're the same!" I sent her off to lunch with some advice..."Just pretend you're wearing ballet slippers, which might feel a little bumpy on the pea gravel under the play equipment at recess, but it's better than nothing, haha!" 
 Still shaking my head. They were such a cute pair of shoes!


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