Sunday, September 22, 2013

Special Night Out, back when the school year was starting, aaaall the way back, one month ago, which seems like so loooong ago, I mentioned to Kayli that it would be fun to celebrate the starting of a new school year and the culmination of a great summer by going out for a fancy dinner one night. My actual plan was that we would do this before the school year was actually underway, but that isn’t exactly the way it played out. I hunted and researched and mulled over all the possibilities, then began asking people, and just couldn’t decide. My criteria were three-fold…I really wanted a “white table-cloth” kind of place with food that I would love. I didn’t want to spend a million dollars. I wanted there to be a kid eating option on the menu. I got lots of suggestions from friends and family. I even got an additional offer from Kevin to up the anty a bit by taking advantage of a gift card he wasn’t planning on using, for a one night stay at a local hotel, now that sounds like fun! So, I called to make the reservation, and naturally there were only so many dates to choose from. So, I picked a date, and picked a restaurant, and arranged for Aunt Suzanne to spend the night with Princess Sprinkles, and we were off and running, for our special night out!
Guess where we went to dinner?...
The food was fabulous...Prime Rib, White cheddar,ranch potatoes, Caesar salad, mmm...and as you can see from the crayons in the background, there was a kid's menu that suited my kid perfectly! In fact, note to self: a basket of warm bread and a large bowl of butter is considered a "perfect meal" by my kid's standards! Ha.

We decided to forego dessert at the restaurant, so we could go back to the hotel, put on our jammies, and enjoy the sweet stuff we brought from home, while we watched the movie I just happened to download on my IPAD before we left! Kayli had to investigate these cube tables that had cube chairs tucked under them for extra seating...
but we opted for a more comfortable theatre seating arrangement...
We had a wonderfully relaxing night at the hotel, and Kayli, who normally sleeps in on weekends, was up by 7:30, telling me that she didn't want us to miss the free breakfast they were serving in the lobby! They had a "full spread" buffet for breakfast this morning, which topped off our special sleepover perfectly!
I'll have to get on this sooner next year, and not make it so close to our "Red Thread Celebration", which is later this week...stay tuned!


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