Sunday, October 27, 2013

Is it Halloween Already?

The problem with having your Halloween decorations up two months ahead of time is that Halloween sneaks up on you! Like this weekend when the thought suddenly occurred to me that I've been so immersed in Fall activities, always with my eye on the next fabulous Fall festival, that when Kayli said "so, when should we carve these pumpkins?" I realized that Halloween is actually THIS WEEK!!! Yikes! So, it was time to "stop the presses" and shift our focus to the homeland! We decided it was time to grill some hamburgers (yes, the weather is perfect) and re-locate the pumpkin carving gear (Kayli knew right where our special tools were, way to go!) It was nice to spend a night at home doing something besides homework (yes, 3rd grade has been a bit overwhelming...for me...haha!) We not only had fun carving a couple of pumpkins, but we baked some sugar cookies on the side!
Kayli drew the faces for both pumpkins. She cut one. I cut the other...

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