Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat

I think this is the most exciting day of the year at school! The kids talk about their costumes for weeks. Everyone knows they will get to walk in the all-school parade, then head back to classrooms for fun class parties! Pretty soon the dismissal bell rings, and they're off and running again. All of us parents can barely get a dinner into these little tummies before it's time to head out the door for some more sugar seeking fun...i.e. "trick-or-treating!"
* Class party...
* trick-or-treating...first stop, Grandpa's place! They had been advertising a "trunk-or-treat" event in the parking lot of the community living place where Kayli's Grandpa lives. So, I thought it would be fun for Kayli to do some trick-or-treating here, then bring some treats to Grandpa, and show him her costume. Grandpa was thrilled with our visit!

the trick-or-treating was a blast...
although...half way through the circuit, I realized that there were really NO particular "rules" for setting up a "station" at this event. One minute we would be standing in front of this darling Candy Land station, and the next minute we would find a bloody head on a dish in the back of a station wagon! The worst of all was the man that suddenly appeared in loosely wrapped bandages, and was literally dripping red liquid from his beard and hair!!! He was blubbering some unrecognizable gibberish to Kayli, and as he handed her a bucket of candy to choose from, he began to shake his bloody beard over her hand. She began to back up, and look up at me for support. With my arm around Kayli, I thanked the man for the nightmares Kayli would have tonight, and backed her away as quickly as I could! Yes, there would be nightmares in our house tonight, and I'm afraid they won't just be Kayli's, haha.
NO, I did not get a picture of the bloody man as I was too shocked to pull out my camera!!! Instead I moved on and took a picture of this mildly scary spider-mobile!
after the nursing home, we headed back home to trick-or-treat in more familiar surroundings, our neighborhood...awww, Winnie the Pooh, we love you!
with bag full to the brim, we headed home to give some of these treats out to our own visitors...
Kayli set up her "station" in the front hall, with her ipad, rocking chair, and fresh fruit to "take the edge off" all that candy, ha!
Sprinkles was confined to the stairway, where she could watch but not jump!

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