Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Grinchmas!

The Annual Grinch Party was scheduled for Sunday night. It rained ice on Saturday, snowed over night, and was very cold by the time my who-hash eaters arrived around 5:30 p.m. Sunday night! There was enough pizza and snacks to feed an entire village of "Whos" 
We all trekked through the snow to check out the neighboring display of Christmas lights and giant Christmas cards in each yard for blocks. 
It didn't take long before our toes were tingling and fingers burning, and the promise of a steamy hot tub back at my house was calling to us! So, we headed home, changed into swimsuits, and jumped into the wonderful warm water with an audible "Ahhhhhh" 
Later, we played a new Ipad charades game, then settled into the living room for a showing of The Grinch. 
Note: Adam went to the Chiefs game this afternoon, and word had it that he was then going on to watch a Creighton game with friends, before coming over. He was the only annual "who" that did not make it this year. Yes, Adan, you had a long day of sports watching. I know you were very "tired". We missed you! 
Matt and Colin headed out to meet up with friends after all the action at the Grinch party...oh, I remember those days when I had that kind of energy! Jake, Nick, Anna, Kayli, and I settled in for a sleeping bag sleep-over. 
I always look forward to my time alone with all the kids in the family!

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