Friday, April 18, 2014

Girls' Night In

It's Friday night, the weather has been AMAZINGLY beautiful today, and still is! I was in and out of inservices for work, getting out a bit earlier than our usual work day. Kayli has been at daycare, playing in and out of their house with the other kids, going on a walk, and giving her scooter a workout. Once we were home, we moved to the backyard where Kayli played on the swings, and I just sat back and savored the beautiful blue sky, full sun, fresh air, and colorful backdrop of trees and shrubs in full bloom!
 We even ate dinner on the deck. Ok,  I ate outside, but Kayli ate just inside the screen door, as she was not taking any chances that her food might attract flies! I keep telling her that this is the best time to eat outside when there are very few flies around, but we all know that if there is one fly out there, it will find Kayli!
Our plan for tonight is to color Easter eggs. We decided it would be fun to include our doll friends at this party! So, Ling, Mary Lynn, Kayli, and I had a fabulous "Girls Night In" as we all put on our pjs, and gathered around the kitchen table to color eggs!  Then, we settled in to the living room for a movie that we just haven't gotten enough of..."FROZEN!"

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