Sunday, June 8, 2014

Illinois Post #2 The Lake and The Zoo

As I mentioned in the previous post, we packed so much into this trip, the photos will have to be divided into several blog posts. This post will be the fun we had on the Chain of Lakes, followed by our trip to the zoo.
it was sunny but chilly on the lakes, and nobody was up for jumping in the water, but it was fun to take the boats out, stop on Blarney Island, and hang out with everyone for the day! Later in the evening, we all went over to Ellen and Lars' house where they had their heated pool, hot tub, and even a bon fire going! Gerry brought along a couple of Chinese lanterns to launch into the sky. The idea was that Gerry would light the lantern, one of the girls would then take it and launch it into the sky, making a wish as it sailed away. Funny thing was that the lanterns took some repeated attempts to get them up, the girls were both afraid to touch them because of the fire, so Gerry pretty much did it all, then as the lanterns took to the sky, he yelled "make a wish!"  The lanterns were pretty cool to watch...
 Next day, Brookfield Zoo...
we had two very tuckered out kiddos at the end of our day!

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