Thursday, August 27, 2015

Choose Your Instrument!

Lots of exciting things happen in 5th grade, the first being that everyone gets to choose an instrument to learn to play at school! It's so exciting, but such a dilemma! Strings vs. Band! Kayli talked to her friends, tried out a variety of instruments, tried to convince me that her other option was to choose neither (my perfectionist doesn't want to make the "wrong" choice so to prevent that from happening, she sometimes wishes she could just opt out... and, I, of course, do not endorse this idea!) So, we went to the special night at the high school, where all the high school students in Strings and Band were there to encourage the elementary kids to try out their instruments, and to give them all the pros and cons of choosing either a string instrument or a band instrument. Kayli was torn! Flute or Violin? She had narrowed it down to these two, and both seemed appealing. Then, her good friend Megan told her she was going to choose the flute. Oh my. Now, there's an added benefit for choosing band. On the other hand, Kayli was beginning to think that the Violin was really more appealing than the flute. Oh, what to do, what to do. Decisions. Decisions. She wanted me to tell her. I told her it was her decision...did she want to choose an instrument just so she could be in class with her friend, or did she want to play an instrument that was really appealing to her, and would be something she might just love?  I know, that's a tough one. What did she choose?
She looks like a "natural!" Can't wait to hear that music!

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