Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fun with Friends

With an extra day off this weekend, I was looking forward to spending a little time at home, getting some projects done, relaxing a bit, (no errands!) and spending a little time with my favorite hobby, photography. I also wanted to make sure Kayli stayed busy with more than just her ipad, so first up, I decided to open Saturday afternoon for her to invite some friends over. Two of her favorite friends from school were both free and thrilled to be having a "trio playdate!" These girls just cracked me up when I came outside to see them doing this...
Silly Girls!
they had so much fun hanging out for the afternoon, inside, outside, inside, outside, so many options, so little time... the meantime, I was doing my own things, puttering around the house, stopping now and then to check on the girls, snap a few pictures, and really savoring this go-with-the-flow day! 
Later that night, Kayli and I picked up a movie and snacks, and settled in at home for our own version of Fork and Screen!
This was really a Win-Win Day for everyone! 

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