Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So, I pick Kayli up from her day in kindergarten and she has a big hole in her tights, and I notice that the spot of skin exposed is an orangish color, and I assume she fell and skinned her knee, thus the hole in the tights. Logical assumption right? But, I become suspicious when I notice that the skin is still smooth and intact. I still can't stop myself from asking "Kayli, did you fall at recess?"  "No" she says. "Well, how did you tear your tights?" She looks down at the hole in her tights and says "I don't remember" and looks like she is trying to review the events of the day in her head. Then, I ask the next crazy question, which is "Why is your skin the color of orange?" "Ohhhh, well I colored it!" What? Why did you color it? "I was in the 'writing center." Oh, silly me, I see now, you just happened to have an orange marker in your hand and you looked down at this perfect circle of skin that just looked like it needed to be filled in. Now I see...and I'm supposed to nod as if this was a perfectly logical sequence of events, and really it IS, a perfectly natural sequence of events, if you are in kindergarten...too funny!
and, yes, it is May and we are still having intermittent weather that is cold enough for these tights!

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Diana said...

Ha guys are so funny! Love ya tons!

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