Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hangin' Out With Grandpa

 Ever since we taught Kayli how to play the "Kings in the Corner" card game while trying to help her grandpa pass the time in the hospital and rehab center, she just can't seem to get enough of this exciting card game! Whenever we head over to her grandpa's house to either run an errand, help out with something, or just visit, Kayli begs to get the cards out! Last time we were there, she won 3 out of 5 rounds!

She also loves to help grandpa "bird watch" and she'll get the bird chart out and identify the birds we spotted on his porch. She's always loved the big, colorful, laminated bird "identifier" he has at his house, and whenever we would head outdoors, she would insist on bringing that along, just in case we needed to identify a bird on our walk! Now, grandpa is not taking walks, as his knees are just causing him too much pain, and he is still not real strong after his recent surgery, but who doesn't need to get outside for fresh air? So, grandpa has been trying out a new motorized scooter! Kayli was over-the-top excited to hear that we could get grandpa out on a "walk" with his new scooter! So, as we prepared to head out the door, she, of course, ran back to grab the bird chart before catching up with grandpa...

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