Friday, August 5, 2011

Still Unpacking...

Ohhh, the packing, planning, preparing, anticipating, and counting down to a lake vacation! One whole week, 7 days, away from home, immersed in lakelife, eating, drinking, swimming, shopping, game nights, and just kicked-back-late nights, then letting the sunlight of the morning coax us out of our slumber and into the kitchen where we stay in our jammies, savoring a sweet breakfast and watching the boats out on the water, and knowing that getting dressed for the day just means putting on our swimsuits and deciding whether we'll head to the dock on the lake or the pool with our bag full of pool toys!
Kayli loved having ALL her cousins around  all week! On Thursday or Friday, we were walking back to our cabin after another great day at the resort pool, and Kayli said "Mom, I just can't decide." What? I ask. "Well, I do miss our home, but I also LOVE living here!" Too funny. Which reminds me...when I was packing the last of the bags from the garage into our car, the day we were leaving for the lake, Kayli says to me "So, mom, are we coming back, or are we moving again?" I never know what's going through this child's head, so it's a good thing she asks lots of questions!
So, without further ado, I bring you an assortment of photos depicting the lake vacation, as grandly experienced by Kayli. Suffice it to say that there are plenty of photos of the grown-ups enjoying our time too, gathered in the pool, the lake, the swim up bar, but on this blog, there is really just so much space!

I found these totally cool glow-stick baseball caps at the dollar store!
and probably the biggest hit of the week, after so much reticence and deliberating, was the waterslide just above this waterfall....
and after a definitive "no" turned to a "maybe" and then "I'll try it" and then...

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