Sunday, May 5, 2013

1st Holy Communion

Today, Kayli celebrated her 1st holy communion. We began planning ahead a few weeks ago by finding the perfect dress and shoes, which her 3 godmothers offered to purchase as a gift. We decided that Kayli would wear the communion veil that I wore on my 1st communion. We added a purse, her favorite fancy lace gloves, and a beautiful cross necklace. I decided that I really wanted to take some pictures of her before the big day arrived, since I knew that things would be pretty chaotic at the church with all the other kids and families trying to get pictures after mass. So, last weekend, I mentioned to Suzanne that I was looking for a nice chapel or church to take pictures. She mentioned that she just happened to have a meeting at the monastery, where they just happened to have several beautiful chapels! Perfect! Kayli and I headed to the monastery last Sunday, when we were actually having "normal" Spring weather! It was a beautiful sunny 70s day! We met up with Suzanne, and she escorted us from one chapel to the next, as I snapped photo after photo of my beautiful little 1st some great photos!
on the big day, we were not allowed to take any flash photos during mass, so I set my camera on the rapid fire, flashless setting, and got a few candid moments...

I had a beautiful cake made for this day that Kayli was dying to taste!
and even though I had naively planned to host a celebration outdoors, with the sun shining, and the kids playing in the yard, and the temps somewhere in the 70s or 80s, as one would expect in May, instead we hosted an indoor party while the grey sky loomed overhead, on this cold day with temps in the 40s, and the swamp in my backyard forcing the kids to make mayhem in the basement instead of playing in the yard... such is life.

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Adoption said...

What a special day! Kayli looks beautiful! I hope you two are having a great summer. It has been wonderful for us.
Hope we can see you two soon. Rose

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